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TSP Balsaplus Offensive 8.5
TSP is one of the major Japanese table tennis equipment manufacturers,  produces a wide range of high end products of the highest quality, to suit the needs of players at all skill levels, including some of the world top players.
The TSP brand may not be as well known as some of the other major manufacturers, but they have been operating since 1934, and their quality of goods is among the best in the world. TSP have also shown some true innovation over the years in the design and manufacturing of new products, some of which were true breakthroughs in technology.
The TSP Online Australia website outlines some of the TSP innovations in table tennis, and also provides information and reviews on TSP blades, rubbers and accessories.
The TSP Blades and Rubbers sections provide detailed descriptions, pictures and reviews. The TSP Solutions offer suggestions for TSP blade and rubber combinations that are a good match and suitable for the described style of play.  The TSP links section provide a series of links to websites relevant to TSP products. TSP sales and distributors details can be found in the About Us section. The latest products and reviews will be listed below, and will be updated regularly.

 TSP Products used by Champions:
Chen Weixing 
former top 10 
Laura Stumper (GER)
World ranking: 96
Balsaplus blade OFF coverings: X's F1-21
Victor Sanchez (ESP)
World ranking: 283
Actor (max) and Spectol 21 (max)
Tan Wu Rui (HRV) 
World Ranking: 34 
TSP Spectol max 
Evgenij Chtchetinine (BLR) 
World ranking: 92 
Dauphin Loic (FRA) 
Christina Lien Stromberg (GER) 
World ranking: 496 
X-21's F1 + red & black (max) 
Li Gia Wei
Ding Yaping

Super Spinpips 21 and Curl P1-R (OX)
Wang Tao
Chen Longcan


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