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"TSP Actor is a unique, elastic, built in power rubber that will give you great power and control. It's advanced molecular composition gives you a top sheet that will maximise the elasticity of it's synthetic rubber and the adhesive power of it's natural power content.
The unique compound of both natural and state of the art synthetic rubbers allows TSP Actor to produce the ultimate in powerful offensive spins." 
  • Speed: 13
  • Spin: 11
  • Sponge: Hardness 6
  • Built in Power
The Built-In Power High Tension technology was a great innovation by TSP to provide an alternative to those that do not speed glue. This technology provide integrated fresh speed glue effect, so speed gluing of these rubbers is not required. The technology was developed in anticipation of the ITTF VOC speed glue ban.

Review of TSP Actor

Review by Joo Se Kev (published with permission)
Well, I've gotten about five hours of play in with this rubber so I thought I'd post a quick review:

Appearance: very nice quality topsheet! completely non-tacky, but grips the ball quite well. The sponge is also high quality, and feels pretty soft, maybe about 35ish degrees.

Overall feel: I treated it with two layers of EE2, which gave it a pretty massive dome. The Actor has, by far, the best feeling of any non-speedglued rubber I've used . It also has the softest sponge that I've used with EE2, so it might be the synergistic effects of EE2 and a soft sponge working. The topsheet feels very responsive (a little too responsive sometimes), and I was also getting a bit of a click on cleanly hit shots.

Serving: I found serves to be acceptably spinny, but not nearly as spinny as with a tacky topsheet.

Short game: the short game takes some getting used to, but once I adjusted,pushes were easy to keep low and spinny.

Blocking: Blocking is probably this rubbers weakest area in my opinion. The responsive and grippy topsheet in conjunction with the soft sponge makes it a challenge to keep spinny loops down. However, when I do remember to angle the bat down and really cover the ball, I found the Actor was quite accurate in placing the ball where I aim it.

Looping: This is where this rubber really comes to life. I really love the feel on topspin shots both near and far from the table. There can be a ton of speed and spin, but you need to let the ball sink into the sponge a bit, because the topsheet doesn't really lend itself to brush loops.

Off the table Defense: I don't really chop very often on the forehand (with the inverted side at least) so I'm not the best judge on this but I found it to be a little lacking in control. I usually prefer to use the guided block shot that Chen Weixing and Hou Yingchao use when it comes to FH defense, and I found the Actor to excell in this area.

Overall, I would say TSP Actor is average in serving, blocking, and pushing, but excellent for looping and counterlooping, especially from mid-distance. It also performs very well without speedglue, which is not something to be taken lightly these days.