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TSP Reflex 50 Award Defensive Blade

"This sensitive defensive blade with the Reflex dampening system in half the length of the grip has, in a short time, become one of the TSP best-seller in Europe and Japan. Many TSP top players rely on the TSP Reflex 50 Award.
The REFLEX SYSTEM was developed with the idea that " The racket extends the movement and operation of the human wrist". The best feature is that the racket creates a slight bowing and a ball digs into it by working the special fabrics (impact absorbing cushioning) into the junction between the racket and the grip. This creates outstanding control and makes it easy to spin. In addition, stability immediately after the impact is fantastic, so it gives a ball quick flick and creates a high-speed ball."
  • Plies: 3 wood (2 carbon?)
  • Height: 163mm
  • Width 157mm
  • Thickness: 6.5mm
  • Weight ~85g
  • Speed: 7
  • Control: 10
  • Style: defensive (traditional or modern)
As with all TSP products, this blade of the highest quality.  It is a world class defender blade, used by a number of high level players in the world. Although defensive blades are not as common among the world top players, this blade is quite common among the veteran players right up to the highest levels. I'm told even Dr Neubauer himself used the TSP Reflex Defensive blade and won a veteran world championship with it, before he brought out his own range of blade.
Although the TSP website or catalogue does not mention it, this blade clearly has 2 carbon layers (or a similar looking composite) buried beneath the thick and soft outer layers of the blade. This would add stability and power to the blade, but because the layers are buried deep below the surface, it has little detrimental effects to the feel and control of the blade for defensive type strokes, while offering a bigger sweet-spot and stability for offensive type stokes.
The reflex system of the blade, and the soft outer plies, gives it a soft feel with a good feedback but little excess vibration. This blade would be excellent with a long pimpled rubber on one side, and a fast offensive rubber on the other for great contrast.