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TSP Blade and rubber combinations 

TSP offers a very wide variety of table tennis equipment, to suit all levels and styles. Since it can often be very difficult to choose combinations of rubbers and blade, below is a series of suggestions of rubber and blade combination to suits a range of styles. To purchase any of these combination, please visit our Table Tennis Online Shop where you can purchase the rubbers and blade, and it will be put together for you free of charge. Click on the name of the combo and it will take you directly to the online shop for this item.
The Balsa Plus Offensive 8.5 blade is a very fast balsa blade, with an extremely soft feel and great rebound speed. Balsa wood makes a blade light, with a soft and slow feel on soft shots (excellent for touch shots!) but fast and powerful when you start hitting harder.
TSP T-REX, the latest rubber from TSP,  is a balanced high performance inverted (pimples-in) rubber which supplies a rare abundance of control, spin and speed.  The renowned tackiness of the expert top-sheet produces amazing ball control for your shots upon impact.  The unique elastic sponge will supply the power for both tremendous spin and speed. The T-REX rubber with it's spinny topsheet and medium hardness sponge, offers the control and spin needed for the short game when combined with this Balsa blade, without sacrifising the high topspeed and rebound speed on higher impact balls.
TSP Spectol speed sponge is the most recent revamped and "power-packed" version of the highly popular TSP Spectol. These highly elastic, SPEED orientated short pimples are really great for fast, close to the table dynamic counter attacking!. These are 'large' size pimples out with a roughened top. The thinner but firm sponge will make an excellent match with the fast but soft balsa blade, giving a soft and slow touch for the short game, but blinding speed on hits, blocks and counterhits!
Combine them together and you have a VERY fast and powerful bat but still very controllable. The very grippy surface of the T-REX rubber allows you to generate a lot of spin on serves, and if anything is returned even slightly too high, this powerful balsa blade will allow you to attack fast with little effort. The Spectol, being much less sensitive to incoming spin, will be great for returning serves, and outstanding for blocking against fast loops, and for counter attacking or to set up for a loop kill on the inverted side.

The TSP Reflex 50 Award Defensive blade, as with all TSP products, is of the highest quality.  It is a world class defender blade, used by a number of high level players in the world. Although defensive blades are not as common among the world top players, this blade is quite common among the veteran players right up to the highest levels. This blade has 2 carbon layers buried beneath the thick and soft outer layers of the blade. This adds stability and power to the blade, but because the layers are buried deep below the surface, it has little detrimental effects to the feel and control of the blade for defensive type strokes, while offering a bigger sweet-spot and stability for blocking and offensive type stokes.
The TSP Triple Spin Chop Sponge has a tacky surface, and combined with a slower defensive sponge, it is especially designed for defensive players. As a result, TSP TRIPLE SPIN CHOP gives optimal control for defensive style shots. Due to the sticky surface and soft and slow sponge, extreme spin and spin variations can be produced, and with the 1.0mm sponge offers outstanding control and accuracy 
The TSP P-1R is without a doubt the most highly regarded long pimples rubbers, used by many of the top long pimple players in the world.  It is a grippy and very deceptive rubber and highly durable. 
Combine these together and you have outstanding control and feel. The Curl rubber can be used to handle very spinny loops and other strokes, whereas the Triple spin chop can be used to impart very heavy spin. Both rubbers combines with the hight control of the blade, allows you to manipulate the spin over a very wide range, and the slow speed helps in taking off the pace of the ball, and provides accurate placement.
The TSP Reflex 50 Award offensive blade is a high quality blade with outstanding control, lots of feel and high dwell time. 
TSP Actor is a fast, spinny rubber with built in tension. The Built-In Power High Tension technology was a great innovation by TSP to provide an alternative to those that do not speed glue. This technology provide integrated fresh speed glue effect, so speed gluing of these rubbers is not required. This makes it a very powerful looping weapon, with lots of spin.

The Triple Power is a very spinny rubber, excellent for imparting high spin, blocking and with plenty of power for a fast loop or drive as well.
Combine these together and you have a fast offensive looping weapon, with tons of control and spin, and plenty of speed for power loops and loop kills. Triple power in 2.0mm provides very good control for returning serve, high spin for serves or chops, and great accuracy and control for blocks. This can be used to setup for a fast power-loop or loop-kill with the Actor in Max thickness.
The TSP Versal is one of the new and latest blades from TSP. A 6.0mm Balsa light weight 5-ply offensive blade. This blade is of very high quality and excellent finish (smoothed edges) and made in Japan. It has a fairly soft feel for excellent touch, but good power when you start swinging. Outstanding for a blocking and power drive/loop style game.
The TSP Triple 21 has a soft and extremely grippy (very mildly tacky) topsheet, with a soft and very dynamic sponge.  This Triple 21 rubber learn more towards an offensive topspin style game, with extreme spin and still enough power to put the ball past your opponent. The 21 sponge is also well known to react to speed glue or boosters, for whose that require extra power from the rubber...

MILLITALL II - NEW deceptive medium pimple rubber A very recent developent from TSP, the MILLITALL II has small medium length pimples on a fairly sponge, offering some very unique properties.
Combine these rubber with the blade, and you have huge contrast between the 2 sides, ideal for heavy spin and spin manipulation. The Triple 21 can impart extreme spin on the ball, and is powerful enough to put the ball away. The MilliTall II can behave a lot like grippy long pimples, able to take the spin off a loop and produce knuckle balls, and good for chopping against loops to give very high spin reversal and control. On attack the Milliall behaves more like a short pip, being insensitive to spin, and great for hitting or blocking through the spin.

More combinations to come shortly.... 
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