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TSP Triple 21TSP Triple 21 offensive sponge

The unique elastic top sheet of TRIPLE is very powerful in it's production of topspin shots with the 40mm ball. The special 21-offensive sponge provides exceptional spin for powerful topspin shots  with the 40mm ball especially when used with speed glue. TRIPLE 21-Offensive sponge is designed to be the standard for use with the 40mmm ball in the years to come.

Ratings (out of 10)

  • Speed: 9.95
  • Spin 10
  • Sponge: (orange) Hardness 6 (37deg)
The Triple series of rubbers are design to give the perfect combination of Spin, speed and control, allowing you to play a wide variety of style with the same rubber. They are used right up to the top levels of table tennis player, used by players such as Chen Weixing.
The TSP Triple 21 has a soft and extremely grippy (very mildly tacky) topsheet, with a soft and very dynamic sponge.  This Triple 21 rubber learn more towards an offensive topspin style game, with extreme spin and still enough power to put the ball past your opponent. The 21 sponge is also well known to react to speed glue or boosters, for whose that require extra power from the rubber...