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TSP VersalTSP Versal Blade

This is one of the new and latest blades from TSP. A 6.0mm Balsa light weight 5-ply offensive blade. This blade is of very high quality and excellent finish (smoothed edges) and made in Japan. It has a fairly soft feel for excellent touch, but great power when you start swinging. Outstanding for a blocking and power drive/loop style game.

This high-tech ultra-light blade is fitted with special foam inserts in the handle to reduce excessive vibrations and to improve the overall feel and control of the blade.


  • Speed: 10
  • Control: 7.75
  • Weight 65g +/-5
  • Thickness: ~8mm

As with all TSP blades, the quality and finish on this blade is outstanding! The blade is extremely light, but still have good power, especiallywhen you start hitting harder and make the thick inner balsa layer work. The feel of this blade is not quite as soft as some of the other TSP balsa blades, making it suitable to wider range of rubbers, including some softer sponged ones. I would rate the speed of this blade around OFF, and the control and feel as excellent.
This blade would go well with a wide range of offensive style rubbers, and due to the outer hard layers and thick balsa inner layers, would combine very well with offensive pimple rubbers.